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Trade Confidently.

Sparrow Exchange provides the simplest way to control risk on your digital assets with no counterparty risk. Our revolutionary options trading platform empowers institutions and individuals to trade options easily. Sign up now to enjoy trading with confidence.

Settlement Price:

Sparrow Options

The simplest way to control risk.
Sparrow Options are fully-covered,
customizable, and so simple to use.
Just tell us the type of protection
you need, and we will provide the
price and match your option.
It’s that simple.

Sparrow Corporate

Tailored to serve institutions such
as exchanges or funds. The
Sparrow Corporate account allows
an institution to offer Sparrow
Options to its users. We provide a
management dashboard to create
sub-accounts, monitor P/L and risk
metrics, and manage client
relationships directly.

Sparrow Direct

The most flexible option we’ve ever
created. Sparrow Direct gives you
the power to set your terms, price
your premium, and choose your
counterparty. Once confirmed, we
clear the trade in a simple, secure
and trustless manner.

Sparrow Continuity


We have committed resources to conducting regular internal and external audits of our systems and processes.


We plan to offer bounties for those who assist in reporting bugs & security vulnerabilities.


We plan to conduct hackathons to drive innovation and grow Sparrow Exchange to be the best platform for our community.


We may engage in discretionary burning to ensure we do not accumulate a disproportionate amount of
Sparrow Tokens.


Sparrow wants to serve the needs of all traders. We offer
customer support and a Help Center to help you when you
need it.

We will collect a transaction fee based on the lower of:
(a) 0.1% on the notional value of the options contract OR
(b) 30% of the Instant Premium.

The transaction fee is payable in Sparrow Dollars (SP$) or
Sparrow Tokens (SPO). If paid in SPO, we apply
a 50% discount to the transaction fee.