We have a deep commitment to protecting our users from potential security risks. We will adopt the industry best practices and strategies in cybersecurity to ensure our users and assets are kept safe. We will collaborate with security professionals and tap on our community to constantly improve our platform for our users.

A Layered Security Architecture

We designed our system security based on a layered-security approach maintaining the appropriate security measures and procedures at five different levels within the system architecture:


Perimeter defence with firewalls to separate public internet from private demilitarized zones (DMZ).


Data protections including IP Whitelisting, Kerberos authentication and AES data encryption.


Networks isolation using private network subnets, IPS and access authentication control to separate application communications.


Application-level security including application based authentication, SQL injection and XSS vulnerability prevention.


Host level protection includes host based IDS, Virtual Applicances and Anti-malware protections.

Security Audit

We plan to conduct internal and external audits, working with credible security audit firms to ensure we provide the best possible security and infrastructure to traders on our platform. We want traders to feel safe when they trade with Sparrow Exchange and this is part of our commitment to security.

CommunitySECURE Bounty Program

We treat security as an ongoing commitment. Despite our best efforts, we know that we need to engage with the security community to protect everyone on Sparrow Exchange. We intend to launch the CommunitySECURE Bounty Program which will reward contributors who report bugs and security issues for making Sparrow Exchange safer for
all traders.